Vacation Bible School At Home

Welcome to the Pandemic Edition of our very first VBS At-Home!  This is definitely an unusual year and we have to, unfortunately, do our VBS At-Home.  That doesn’t mean we won’t have fun, crafts, some snacks and fun services, music and more!   

We have included some really helpful resources that will help you make the At-Home Vacation Bible School a bit more meaningful and special.  We have included a Kid-Friendly Service for each day of the week.  These services are powerful, moving and give an opportunity where you can pause and talk as a family about the meaning of the video.  We encourage you to do this as a family, together, because the topics are very meaningful and faith-building.  

As well as the daily services, there is a Mr. Music Sing Along that we encourage you to do with your family.  It’s something fun and light-hearted that children will enjoy.  All of the links will be posted on our Strength.Church page for you to find easily for each day of Vacation Bible School.  Don’t be surprised if your kids want to watch these again and again…our son loves the videos and wants to watch them over and over.  We definitely don’t mind that at all.  There are much worse things he could be wanting to see.  

As Parents, we understand that you are going through a lot right now and it is a very stressful time.  You are doing a great job by ensuring that your child has faith-based activities that you can do with them.  We want to encourage all parents to continue to keep your child’s faith formation as a priority.  As the Bible teaches us, 

“Train up a child in the way he should go: 

and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Introduction Video and Activity

Service:  I Can Love Like Jesus

Sing Along About Not Having Fear: 

Service:  I Can Know God’s Love

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Mr. Music’s Live Sing Along

Service:  Jesus is Faithful – Road to Emmaus

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Cloud Game:  Lie down and each person tells what a cloud looks like to them.  Tell why you think God made clouds.  Practice good listening while each person speaks.  (Parents, this is a good time to listen and discuss without judging or correcting.)


Rock-Paper-Scissors:  The winner of each round has to say one thing that God has done for them today!

Service:  Jeus is Joyful

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Happy Bag:  Get a small bag (paper lunch bag is fine, or anything you have around the house.)  Cut up a sheet of blank paper into 8 pieces.  (Fold it and fold again twice to make lines.)  Cut each piece out so you have 8 cards.  On each card, write the following statements:  I am grateful because I am…. And tell something you are grateful for or happy about.  Fold them up and put them in your Happy Bag.  Keep the Happy Bag safe.  

Service:  God helps me do the right thing

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