Getting Started Resources for New Believers
1) Email and let us know you’re a new believer!
2)   Access the Grow playlist.   (They’re completely free!)  You’ll watch one video per day for your first 20 days and follow along in the book.  Link here.
Important Note:  Church attendance is extremely important and the Bible is clear about the importance of gathering together and learning in community with other believers and strong pastoral leadership.  This is to help you in your journey in addition to your regular church attendance.  
3) Here’s the amazing song, Wonder of Your Love, referenced on day 2, but you can go ahead and listen right away!
Been Lost for a While?
If you happened to find us here before you committed your life to Jesus, we invite you to join us at church and we can help you with the very first step – giving your life to God. 
Or, if you previously committed your life to Christ but feel like you need a fresh start because you’ve been away for a while or had some life challenges, come on over and join us!  We’d be glad to see you at church! 
You’re always welcome in God’s House!