Wednesday Bible Study
Come be part of our amazing community and fellowship with us on Wednesday night. This is a low-key event where we sit together and relax, fellowship and discuss the Bible. Meet our amazing people and participate in meaningful discussions in a multicultural Christian environment. Everyone is welcome and accepted here in our beautiful Lakewood community. We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!
Bible Study Service

Why do we do this? How does it help?

Our Bible Study Service takes place in person from 7:00-8:00pm on Wednesday nights.  Doors open for Fellowship at 6:30pm. 
We strive to bring passages, verses and articles that help us in our Life Walk.  We want our faith to be infused with our lives. We want to walk the walk while keeping in mind what we have been taught by Jesus.

There is a lot of value in studying each book of the Bible and immersing oneself in a long and detailed study. We recognize that value. We also realize that our day to day lives are fast and stressful. We need timely wisdom and words from the Bible that we can walk away with and put into practice immediately. We believe that smaller, more digestible chunks of Scripture make it easier for us to truly put the advice into practice, one step at a time.

At Strength Church, everything we do is through the lens of being a Body of Christ, a community, a group that cares about each other and about the Living Word.  We make this time together a fellowship opportunity that helps us to go forth and become stronger in our daily walk and in our ability to reach and teach others.

In our Bible Studies, we think about how to apply The Word to our lives so that it is falling on fertile ground in our minds and hearts. Then, we think about who we might be able to share this with so we can meet our goal of truly evangelizing in the way that Christ taught us–lovingly and thoughtfully.
“ Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.¨